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OpenHab and Node-RED Controlled Christmas Lights

Introduction  I used to use some old X10 hardware to remotely control my external Christmas lights, but this year the RF remote was dead and I decided the automation side of the Christmas fun needed an upgrade After a quick survey of available options (I have some KMP Electronics hardware Lying around, namely some  Prodino Ethernet and some Prodino WROOM Esp8266  ) that require separate low power voltage wiring to function I decided I needed something simpler, that could withstand being stuff in a wall recess without needing a stable electrical panel setup. This is a blog post  describing how I connected Three Sonoff Basic devices to my existing home automation system to be able to turn them on or off in a manual (Openhab UI) or automated (Node-Red UI) fashion. Enter the Itead Studio Sonoff Basic The  SONOFF BASIC WIFI WIRELESS SWITCH + IP66 WATERPROOF CASE  is a basic module that includes a Wi-FI remotely controlled relay that can switch on and off relatively low powe