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ESP8266 - Air Conditioner Command and Control Unit

This is part 2 of a series of posts where I'll try to show how I am trying to set up a home control and monitoring system using open source tools and network enabled sensors. In  Part 1  I illustrated how I decoded my Toshiba Air Conditioner AC signal, in this part I'll build on that to show how I built and ESP8266 based unit that is able to control five separate AC units in (hopefully in the near future) different rooms by receiving commands from a central server. The ESP8266 unit has also five DS18B20 temperature sensors that will be used to monitor real temperatures in the different rooms Parts List: one ESP8266 based dev board, powered from USB, it has seven output pins available to control various sensors/modules, wifi capabilities and the NodeMcu firmware that allows normal arduino sketches to run on it 5  SendIR module : an arduino/esp8266 controllable module that has two high power/high range IR emitters, used to control AC units in different ro